Aurora Lake
Welcome to Aurora Lake! We are a semi-realistic pack and AL is located in the northern region, around Denali National Park. We would love to have you as a member, so come join us!


Aurora Lake

This pack is a semi-realistic wolf rpg
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 Spirit's Aurora Borealis Themed Biography

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PostSubject: Spirit's Aurora Borealis Themed Biography   Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:27 am

This is my wolf's (Spirit's) biography. If you listen, you can learn more about your fantastic dominant Wink

Wolf Name

2 years old


Physical Build (thin, sleek, made for running/hunting, etc.):
Spirit is well built, she is extremely strong, and can run faster than a caribou. Her body is sleek, but her muscles are hidden underneath Spirit's fur.

Fur Color
Her fur is light gray with white around her muzzle and two dots close to her eyes. Her hind left foot is also white and on the top of her eye there is a white fur streek. There are two lines across her ears that are also white. (See pictures for better understanding)

Eye Color
Spirit's eye color is turqoise or more of a seafoam blue.

History (at least two paragraphs):
Spirit grew up in the mountains of the north. After one week, her mother left her and her sister and brother alone to get some food, but after that day, she never came back. My brother's name was Smoke and my sister's name was Mist.
As pups, we were terrified of the almost arctic terrain and we srcambled through the snow helplessly untill we found shelter in a large, hollow tree. Us three were shivering so much, it was unbelievable. One day, we went outside once more to move on, but a massive bear came loping over. It smashed my sister, Mist to the ground and that was the end of her. Smoke, being a bit older, only about four days, was not caught and got me to safety.

About six months later, when we had learned to hunt and defend ourselves, Smoke and I decided to try to go find a pack to be in. Then, we found this amazing pack called the Seasonal Trackers Pack! I was very attached to all those very kind people that were in it and later in life, when I was two years old, I wanted to go off and make my own pack. I told Smoke to come with me to find another place to live and I would be able to start a pack. He agreed to this quite quickly and we left the pack, even though it was fantastic.

About two days later, we found a lake with a bent human sign saying: "Aurora Lake lies here" in tattered letters. I repeated the words "Aurora Lake" over and over again until it sounded perfect so Smoke, my loving brother, and I settled down there.

Spirit is not shy, she is very bold and couragous, but that's how a dominant's gotta be, right? ^^ She is usually calm at times, but can get carried away with simple things, and if you make her mad, the consequences will not be too light xD (not really)

Spirit is caring and forgiving, if you do something wrong, you won't get in trouble, but just try not to do it again Wink She will care for the sick and injured, never leaving them alone like her mother had done.

Meat, pups, Aurora Lake, and water.

Bees, spiders, E.T. o_o, and anything very hot, like fire.

Anything Else?
I hope you enjoyed my biography! You can use this as an example to make yours!


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Spirit's Aurora Borealis Themed Biography
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