Aurora Lake
Welcome to Aurora Lake! We are a semi-realistic pack and AL is located in the northern region, around Denali National Park. We would love to have you as a member, so come join us!


Aurora Lake

This pack is a semi-realistic wolf rpg
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 Aurora Lake Pack's Clans

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PostSubject: Aurora Lake Pack's Clans   Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:26 pm

Aurora Lake is no ordinary pack... it has three clans that forms one giant pack. Forest Clan, Snow Clan, and Fire Clan. In this topic, you will learn all about each clan to see which one you will join someday!

First, I will start it off with the spectacular SNOW CLAN!

Snow Clan is where the terrain is covered in snow. Some would call it a
"Winter Wonderland". In the summer, Snow Clan's snow does not melt, but it only stops snowing. In the winter, there are occasional snow storms, so it has its perks and its downfalls. This is the one clan that is able to have the yearlings come. Once they are 1 year old, they transfer to Snow Clan. If you join older than one year (two years and higher) you can choose the clan you will be in. (Any clan)

This is the clan the hunters of the pack usually join and the agent of hunting is only allowed to be in Snow Clan although other lower ranked hunters can be members in different clans but there are more elk in the Snow Clan territory. One of the benefits is that Spirit, the main dominant, is the leader of Snow Clan so there will be many more good things in that particular clan like bigger dens, more food, and possibly even more loyalty points!

If you love to hunt, if you are a yearling in the RP, if you'd like bigger dens, more food, and possibly even more loyalty points, and you ABSOLUTELY LOVE SNOW, then join SNOW CLAN!

Next, onto the fantastic FIRE CLAN!

Fire Clan is in a dry terrain that always has an orange tinge to it. Even the trees are a slight bit red. In the summer, Fire Clan can have fires that devastate the area but it will grow back fairly quickly. In the winter, there is little rainfall but no snow. This is the only one clan that does not have pups or yearlings because it is very dangerous. Fire Clan only has adults in it, over two years of age. This clan is usually for the thrill seekers of the pack, wanting a dangerous RP plot.

Fire Clan usually has fighters and protectors in it because there are so many bears, coyotes, and other predators. The agent fighter and protector are only allowed to be in this clan though lower ranked ones are allowed to be in other clans. One of the benefits of being in Fire Clan is that you will gain your strength much quicker than
Snow Clan or Forest Clan will.

If you want to have a dangerous RP base, if you want to have more strength than others, if you are two years of age or older, and if you LOVE BEING WARM (Razz) then join FIRE CLAN!

And don't forget the unforgettable FOREST CLAN!

Forest Clan's terrain has many trees and plants making the area mostly a green color. In the summer, there is never fire, and in the winter, there will be an occasional rainfall and snow. The rainfall is usually very light though, and so is the snow. This clan is the only one clan that has pups under the age of 12 months old due to its gentle nature. Forest Clan is very safe for the pups and will ensure their safety. This clan represents peace, though sometimes the chaos travels into its territory from the other clans beside it. The wolves who are going to have pups from any clan must travel here to have them, if they do not, those wolves will be punished and their pups may be taken away.

Forest Clan usually has the Queens and Healers in it because the queens depend on the healers to take care of their pups while they are doing other important jobs. There are no agent queens, but the agent healer is only allowed to be in Forest Clan but those who are ranked lower are allowed to be in different clans. (There may be extra healers in Fire Clan due to all the hazards Wink) One of the benefits that Forest Clan provides is that you will have more knowledge than the rest of the clans will, and if you prove yourself worthy, you will be able to be the co-founder of the deviantART group.

If you like pups, if you are a pup, if you'd like extra knowledge, and you want to be a co-founder of the deviantART group, then join FOREST CLAN!

I hope this helped you understand all about the clans so it has made it easier for you to choose which one you will join! Remember, all of the clans are in harmony, none are voilent against each other. Good luck!

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Aurora Lake Pack's Clans
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